Northwest Hospitals

EPIC iO Powers
Cold Storage Monitoring.

A prominent Northwest hospital network chose EPIC iOs IoT Healthcare Solutions to streamline the monitoring and management of its pharmaceutical-grade cold storage units across 10 hospitals.
Tasked with hosting a variety of biopharmaceuticals, blood, and vaccines, monitoring the hospitals’ 100+ cold storage units using IoT allows the hospitals to achieve compliance and real-time insight at significant cost and resource savings.

EPIC iO’s delivery of real-time enriched data and alerts to hospital personnel’s mobile devices replaces the previous system that required daily monitoring and manual reporting of the cold storage units’ temperature.

Additionally, the hospital’s use of sensors to monitor the status of the AC unit to detect vibrations helps ensure that the units are operating efficiently and helps detect early system failure or need for attention.

10 Hospitals
+100 Cold
Storage Units
Monitoring Of COVID Vaccine
Cloud management of LTE routers and easy provisioning.
Cradlepoint’s Elastic Edge, a pervasive software-driven wireless WAN based on LTE.
Ability to use LAN as primary connection with LTE as fail-over.
Cradlepoint’s Secure Threat Management, a comprehensive intrusion detection system.

HOW OUR Solution Works

Multifaceted in nature, the hospitals’ cold storage units require a flexible IoT-based solution that supports their key initiatives, including real-time sensor readings, intuitive monitoring and reporting, and enhanced remote management.
The hospitals’ adoption of an LTE-based IoT solution by EPIC iO provides them with a flexible platform and the ability to add additional services in the future, including security and surveillance.
EPIC iO delivered a solution that is built atop wireless market leader Cradlepoint’s Gigabit LTE solution. Cradlepoint provides an LTE-equipped cellular solution that is plug and play, cost-effective, and low maintenance.

Specifically, EPIC iO provided the hospital with a powerful solution that was built around Cradlepoint’s COR IBR900 and NetCloud Manager.

City and urban parking is often difficult to find, leading to stressful environments for drivers. Continuously monitoring and enforcing the city’s parking rules and regulations is a financial and staffing burden for city governments.

“The introduction of IoT to monitor our cold storage units are a critical step to modernizing our storage, streamlining our processes and allowing us to better serve our patients. EPIC iO’s IoT solution has already generated a significant ROI and we are continuing to look at how we can leverage IoT into other aspects of our hospital operations.”


The EPIC iO Difference


Gain visibility with predictive models and simulated product temperature that enable proactive decision-making.

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Drive efficiency with EPIC iO”s collaborative system for alarm management and user notification.

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Nist provides standars for vaccines and medicine storage.

Fast Deployment

Install in minutes with self-provisioning wireless sensors. Quickly monitor temperature, humidity, door activity, reefer on/off, and more.

Check Mark

Meet FDA requirements. Gain visibility into site and asset performance for improved accountability and risk management.

security protocol activation curves

Store & forward technology for lossless monitoring, up to 3-year battery life, IP67 rated sensors, and AES encryption, and certificates.

Your Data Tells a Story

Our DeepInsights platform combines deep learning based AI and IoT sensors at the edge, cloud or hybrid.

Epic IO Dashboard
Epic IO dashboard
Epic IO Dashboard


The hospitals’ use of LTE wireless technology to monitor the cold storage units provides real-time analytics concerning the various temperatures and health of the cooling systems themselves. Now equipped with an always-on connection for consistent telemetry and real-time reporting, the hospitals measure success in three ways:

Monitoring: Effortlessly monitor essential and reliable temperature data so that any variation, no matter how small, can be tracked
Compliance: The hospitals can meet FDA regulatory requirements and reduce the risk of non-compliance with continuous monitoring and digital logs.
Protection: With enhanced insight, the hospitals can streamline corrective actions and unify processes when excursions occur to reduce or eliminate the risk of asset loss.

This combination of services strengthens the hospitals’ operational efficiency and further improves patient care. EPIC iO’s ability to manage the dispersed locations through a “single pane” of glass allows each hospital to remotely identify and resolve issues and create operational transparency that extends across the entire network of hospitals.

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