IoT for Asset Protection and Security: Protecting Against Water Leaks

The new world of connectivity made possible by the advance of Internet of Things (IoT) devices brings you a whole new level of physical security to your organization’s infrastructure. 

With IoT devices, you can install smart, interconnected sensors to keep track of all kinds of situations inside and outside of the building. Doing so will save you time and money, since you no longer will have to maintain a crew of employees to monitor your assets. And catching problems while they are still small and easier to manage will keep your repairs and maintenance costs down.

Essentially, you can deploy IoT equipment to take care of such important tasks as keeping watch over your facility 24/7/365 against sudden water leaks.

Installing IoT devices to detect for water leaks is like having a security guard who knows about plumbing, on patrol around your building 24/7/365. But human beings are subject to distraction, may miss work because of being out sick with no easy replacement, and they are also always subject to making innocent mistakes. Ideally, you will have a way to keep track of the pipes and plumbing fixtures with an automated system.

Protecting your facility against water leaks is possible with just one type of sensor. By using multiple sensors, such as to keep track of how many people are using different rooms, or the energy usage statistics per each floor or unit in a building, you can gain even better, actionable insight.

It’s In Your Best Interest to Know When Leaks Are Happening as Soon as They Occur

An employee may randomly spot a leak by accident, but there is no reliable way that you can count on the people working under your roof to catch every incident of water flowing out a burst or cracked pipe in a timely manner. By the time someone discovers the problem, the damage is often quite severe.

Fortunately, by installing water leak-detecting sensors at key points in your establishment, you will be poised to know whenever a problem happens with a pipe. While sensors alone are not a substitute for having licensed, certified plumbers inspect and maintain your pipes every year, IoT that can pick up water leaks will be an invaluable resource. You’ll find that they can be an essential part of your company’s infrastructure.

Knowing when a leak happens sooner rather than later means you have a better chance of turning off the water and stopping further damage. Another advantage of early warning from an IoT sensor is you will be more likely to find a reputable plumber to come and make repairs, if the system detects the leak during office hours instead of you finding out in the middle of the night.

You’ll be better able to look after the health and well-being of the people and the building as well as the furniture and equipment that would otherwise be damaged in a flood.

Obtaining Greater Insight Into Your Building

A cloud computing solution powered by artificial intelligence to manage your connected Internet of Things devices is the ideal way to keep your facilities safer against water leaks. The DeepInsights Platform developed by the experts at EPIC iO gives you secure connections from end-to-end, integrating your water sensors with advanced data analysis, which allows for real-time feedback and instant warnings when a pipe has sprung a leak. 

You and your team, such as your safety officer and managers can easily monitor the system with a single, customizable dashboard that delivers you the actionable information you need just when an emergency is occurring, such as a flood.

Averting Disaster

Sometimes it is the things that you think about the least that wind up causing the most problems for your organization, often with large repair costs to boot. A case in point is hidden problems in your company’s plumbing system.

Have you ever been surprised to arrive at your facility and find several inches of water from a burst pipe? This nightmare scenario is exactly what our leak protection guards against. 

You can install our guards in multiple locations, so that when they detect a leak, they will automatically notify you immediately. Then you can plug up the leak before you lose even more water and have even more expensive damage to repair. 

And the costs to repair and replace damaged items are just one part of the expenses to keep in mind. You also have to factor in how much downtime there will be, as employees wait to be allowed back into the building, or how much delay you might have in shipping after the disaster.

Ready to Deploy Internet of Things Device to Safeguard Your Property Against Leaking Water?

You’ve spent a lot of time, effort and resources to develop your business. It makes sense to protect this asset by installing IoT devices designed for detecting water leaks. With multiple sensors spread across your facility, you can have greater peace of mind that it’s always being monitored. In the event that a pipe starts leaking or actually bursts, the equipment will sense the water and will automatically notify your team. This makes it easier and faster to call for emergency plumbers to come to your building to repair and replace pipes and other equipment.

Just imagine the cost savings when you catch a leaking pipe early enough to avoid a major flooding repair bill. And there are further cost savings to realize, when you consider all of the downtime when your staff can’t get back into the building to resume work until crews have fixed the pipes, removed the water and cleaned up the mess. 

How long can you afford to idle your employees just to get the building dried out and back into operating conditions again? With these issues top of mind, it is easier to make the case to install IoT devices to protect against water leaks. For more information on IoT devices for automating leak detection, connect with the artificial intelligence and sensor experts at EPIC iO today.

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