Traffic Analysis

Leverage IntelliSite Intelligent Transportation solution to efficiently and cost-effectively decrease traffic congestion, pedestrian accidents, and greenhouse gas emissions contributing to Vision Zero program initiatives.


IntelliSite’s solution for Intelligent Transportation uses proprietary AI and IoT technology to automatically assess traffic at the intersection, create real-time alerts and report traffic incidents to first responders with lightning speed.

Advanced technology

The self-contained solution is often composed of an edge compute device mounted on a traffic light pole, and high definition cameras are connected to capture everything at the intersection. The IntelliSite deep learning based software runs fully at the edge, providing with AI analytics such as: traffic quantity by vehicle type, traffic directions, left turn queue monitoring, congestion alerts, wrong way drivers, stalled car alerts, jaywalking, and measure air quality, pollution, noise, and CO2 emissions in real time.

It uses a 4G/LTE cellular connection to communicate with Deep Insights for remote health device monitoring and for dashboard visualization, providing officiers with a data-driven decision making tool for the development and management of resources, policy recommendation, and enforcement methodologies.

Our solution provides valuable traffic insights for the development and management of resource allocation, policy recommendation, and enforcement methodologies.

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The pervasive use of mobile technology – and its ability to easily distract pedestrians and drivers – has led to increased incidents of auto and pedestrian accidents and fatalities.

Nowhere is this problem more prevalent than at busy intersections. The Federal Highway Administration 2020 research confirms that more than 50 percent of the combined total of fatal and injury crashes occur at or near intersections.

To curb the rise of these percentages, many governments and cities around the U.S. are adopting Vision Zero – a global program to help decrease pedestrian fatalities, traffic congestion, and gas emissions to zero by 2030.

Anytime a bad guy or person of interest to law enforcement comes in here and their tag is read, it will notify our entire police department. We're trying to keep the bad guys out and protect our citizens.
We hope the cameras will just scare people from doing anything wrong, but if they do anything wrong, we then have evidence to go after them.
HONOLULU PARKSDirector Michele Nekota

How long is video retained?

Video recording is stored at the edge, near the camera, for plus 30 days. Live video is pulled into DeepInsights cloud platform on demand so it does not consume your cellular bandwidth. This means that you will be able to retrieve video evidence from an incident up to that period in the past.

How long does it store metadata?

For the analytics and metadata results, the system can store events for up to 6 months. Access is provided through DeepInsights. The exact number of days can vary slightly based on the amount of activity in the scene. More storage capacity can be requested.

Can I receive notifications when an incident happens?

Through DeepInsights, you can configure SMS or email alerts to the designated individuals you want to notify. Additionally, those events can be validated through our 24/7 event monitoring service.

What if an incident happens and I wasn’t notified?

Even if the system didn’t capture the actual incident, the camera can still capture the vehicle and its license plate, and the fact it was present at the intersection during the time of an event. After someone reports an incident, this archived video footage can be used as evidence.

What about false alarms?

The service includes a remote monitoring center that will use live video verification to eliminate false alarms before taking actions to deter the offenders and notify first responders.

Can I rebrand the system?

Yes, in fact it is recommended as your brand is something your community will immediately recognize. Through our Citizen Engagement program, you will be able to apply a large decal to the unit to reinforce the fact that you are taking the initiative to monitor traffic safety and citizens will scan a QR code to have access to the full information.

Can I reuse our fiber that already exists at an intersection?

Yes, the system can reuse your fiber infrastructure instead of using a cellular connection.

Can I import data into a business intelligence (BI) tool?

Yes, the analytics can be exported to your BI tool of preference, or used to populate a data lake you may want to build.

Can I integrate with an existing VMS we used?

Yes, our system supports integration with the most common Video Management Systems for alerting and video management. New custom integration can be done on demand though MQTT, Kafka, HTTP, or other communication mechanisms.

If it is solar powered how does it work at night?

The on-board battery completely powers the system for up to 30 days. Also, the camera has night vision, which uses an IR illumination to provide a clear image at night.

IntelliSite In Action Making

Intersections Safer

The Federal Highway Administration reports more than 50 percent of the combined total of fatal and injury crashes occur at or near intersections.
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Decrease traffic congestion

Detect traffic incidents early on

Automatically dispatch first responders

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Improve city planning and community development based on data and analytics



See how clients have utilized our Intersection Safety solution to solve their unique traffic safety and congestion issues.
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LPR Components

Ruggedized edge compute gateway (UIG) with AI hardware acceleration

High resolution cameras pointing to the 

IntelliSite AI Software for loitering, trespassing, license plate recognition

Deep Insights for Visualization, Search and
Video Management

Cellular 4G/LTE connectivity (5G where available)

“Voice down” loudspeaker and microphone

Solar power source (optional add-on)

24x7 remote support and event monitoring service