If Your Wireless Works, Your Business Works

Technology is enabling organizations to push their boundaries and capabilities by making smarter decisions backed by data. It is said that data is an organization’s most precious resource, and if harnessed correctly, could transform any company’s competitive advantage drastically and make them a leader in their given space.

We’re seeing the explosion of artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT being invested in and utilized in nearly every industry. Creating smarter environments through technology that provide these companies with constant insight into how their business and operations are performing is the goal of every modern organization, but it’s often overlooked what really powers these solutions: wireless connectivity.

Without the ability to send information in near real-time due to blazing fast network connectivity, none of these next-gen solutions would be possible.

High-speed wireless technology

As we’re approaching the advent of 5G technology and speeds, one of the highlighted benefits available for the enterprise is its high bandwidth and low latency. This combination will further the exploration of building and implementing innovative business services and solutions into the marketplace.

Broad Sky has been a leader in high-speed wireless technology and solutions since its inception nearly 20 years ago. While our tagline is “We Make Wireless Work,” the simple truth is that we make everything work. For example, the last several years have been focused on delivering breakthrough wireless internet to power machine learning, IoT, and other smart solutions to support business needs.

Last December, Broad Sky was acquired by IntelliSite’s parent corporation, EPIC IO. IntelliSite is a leader in providing AI-enabled IoT and smart solutions, which strategically positions Broad Sky with REALLY making IoT and AI work for our existing customers and prospects – with access to best-in-class AI+IoT experts and end-to-end intelligent solutions.

We Make Your Business Work

In short, Broad Sky makes everything – wireless, IoT, AI, Smart Solutions, and business – work. These are the topics you can look forward to learning more about:

  • We Make Wireless Work
  • We Make the Path to 5G Work
  • We Make IoT Work
  • We Make AI Work
  • We Make Business Work

We’re excited to dive into this campaign and showcase how Broad Sky’s advanced wireless solutions are driving the enterprise world forward. Until then, read our latest blog post that highlights how companies are using our ultra-fast 4G LTE and 5G wireless for failover solutions and other Wireless WAN applications.