How 5 Solutions Can Deliver Site Security at Construction Sites

Construction security is a critical function, as site theft causes industry losses estimated between $400m and $1B annually. These costs include not just the equipment replacement costs but also the work schedule disruptions and the potential to miss contracted deadlines. Sites are hotbeds of coveted targets for theft, from raw materials like lumber and copper piping to power tools and even heavy equipment.

Construction site security has always been challenging because so many vehicles come and go each day, and the site constantly changes as its being constructed. Thanks to technology, the building industry finally has cost-efficient construction security options in its toolkit to combat the massive potential for theft.

In what ways can 5 specific technological solutions help secure an entire construction site? Check out how these 5 solutions are cleverly deployed to execute construction site security cost-efficiently.

Video Surveillance

When AI monitors video surveillance cameras, they change from passive recorders of hours of video to event-based machines that look for activities that trigger actionable workflows within the security system, like alerts and voice-downs. Critical data can be recorded and tagged for future use in law enforcement case development as appropriate.

These components work together as a cohesive ecosystem to secure construction sites in ways never before possible. They give security personnel a fighting chance to combat construction site theft and mitigate losses. The addition of AI is a game-changer as it intelligently manages workflows, filters out false alarms, and eases the burden on security teams.

Artificial Intelligence

The brains behind the data, the AI, models to identify potential threats quickly and automatically, such as vandalism and theft. AI delivers actionable alerts to security and law enforcement as set by the workflows. AI allows security teams to view historical data to help build more secure future plans and adjust security needs.

Proximity Sensors

Along the outer perimeter, proximity sensors are deployed. These sensors automatically send security personnel notifications when someone gets too close to the site. Voice-down commands further deter incursion by automatically addressing the persons who triggered the sensors.

Door Sensors

These automatic sensors alert construction security personnel both when doors open and when they close. Doors that open after hours trigger automatic alerts sent to security for further action.

LPR: License Plate Recognition Software

Critical to flagging unauthorized vehicles and efficiently managing authorized ones, cameras running License Plate Recognition software are deployed to log every vehicle that enters and exits the site. LPR also logs license plates that drive by and provides alerts on vehicles that have been flagged on a hot list or vehicles of interest. These LPR-driven alerts give construction site security the chance to identify known or suspected criminals who may be attempting to scope a site before they set foot on the premises.

Choose EPIC iO as your Site Security Solution

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