Using your data to drive critical decisions
Your data tells a story

DeepInsights is an open and extendable AIoT platform, packed with out-of-the-box AI, IoT sensors and cameras



  • Open AIoT Platform
  • Edge device agnostic
  • Combines Artificial Intelligence with IoT
  • Custom rules, integrations, and visualizations
Deep Insights


Deep Insights

  • Multi-Sensor: Address more challenges with a richer, broader toolset
  • AI: Solve problems using built-in AIoT smarts, and add 3rd party plugins as necessary
  • Easy Integration: Integrate other platforms to ingest, store, and visualize data
  • Logic Engine: Take complete control over what happens next, and keep expanding the system as the variety of use cases grows
  • Visualization: Everything you need in one customizable pane of glass

Putting DeepInsights to Work

Insights from IoT sensors and cameras
Live video and review events
AIoT API for 3rd party plugins
Deploy and manage devices at scale
Send alerts into enterprise applications
Intelligence: edge, datacenter, or cloud



  • AI Video Analytics: Use our edge computing device on new or legacy cameras to gather AI video analytics for real-time alerts and insights
  • Edge Sensors and IoT Data: Choose from 200+ IoT sensors to monitor the operational status, health, and safety of your environment
  • Visualization and Reports: Review and analyze historical data and receive real-time alerts for critical events

Edge Compute

Choose the best fit to process your AI and IoT data in real time

Edge Compute

Universal IoT Gateway

Multi-Access Edge Compute

MEC Appliance


Datacenter Appliance