Using your data to drive critical decisions
Your data tells a story

DeepInsights™ is an open AI + IoT software suite that combines and enriches video, external feeds and sensor data into a seamless operational experience.

What is DeepInsights?

DeepInsights integrates AI models, automated logic, and visualization to deliver actionable insights. As an open platform you have the ability to add your own sensors and devices as your needs change. DeepInsights aggregates and analyzes IoT data to provide high-value, actionable insights all in one place.


  • Multi-Sensor: Address more challenges with a richer, broader toolset
  • AI: Solve problems using built-in AIoT smarts, and add 3rd party plugins as necessary
  • Easy Integration: Integrate other platforms to ingest, store, and visualize data
  • Logic Engine: Take complete control over what happens next, and keep expanding the system as the variety of use cases grows
  • Visualization: Everything you need in one customizable pane of glass