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Flexible plans and pricing to connect your IoT initiatives at scale.

With EPIC iO, you're in control of your IoT connectivity.

With over 30.9 billion installed IoT devices expected by 2025, IT professionals across all industries are tasked with rapidly deploying new devices while maintaining secure global networks and maximum uptime connectivity.  EPIC iO leverages over 20 years in IoT and connectivity to simplify complex projects.

Outcome-based intelligent SIM management: Our analytics engine monitors connectivity data and anticipates events that affect service. EPIC iO support engineers ensure your services have minimal or zero downtime.

Plan Flexibility.  For IoT applications, there is never a "one-size-fits-all" solution. With multiple pricing and connectivity models, customers can tailor the best plan to maximize results while minimizing costs. Request a quote.

Streamlined from design to deployment. EPIC iO understands that focused teamwork starting with product design to performance is the ideal strategy for customer success. We have created a more effective process to go from solution design to support that ensures a smooth launch and fewer short and long-term issues.


The EPIC iO IoT Connectivity Difference:

Flexible Data Plans

Tailored for your application usage requirements.

Complete Control

Intelligent SIM Management monitoring and reporting.

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One Team Focus

One Team focus for faster deployments and support.

sim management

Intelligent SIM Management

Complete control of your deployment. All the features needed to manage your SIMs and data plans. A customizable dashboard to maintain a clear view of all your devices.

Complete control over your devices to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership
Usage trends to evaluate improved performance and lower costs.
Proactive monitoring to anticipate and avoid downtime.

Flexible Plans and Pricing

Every IOT application has different connectivity requirements, some based on technology, other based on business factors such as the size and growth of the users. Companies deploying the application need flexibility in how wireless data plans are packaged and priced in order to maximize profit.

Direct carrier SIMS from ATT, Verizon, and T-Mobile for applications that require the lowest latency and highest speeds
Multi-carrier eSIM that provides access to the best signal at any location
Pooled data across carriers to optimize cost and minimize overages

ONE TEAM Customer Engagement

ONE TEAM is part of EPIC iOs six core values that drive how we succeed as a company. Applying our ONE TEAM philosophy to our customer engagement process is behind our impressive results for customer success, including:

Faster, precise installations - every time
High-level customer satisfaction and fewer support calls
Lower customer operating costs

Our ONE TEAM-driven customer journey starts with the design and does not end at day 2 support. Each team member takes into consideration the entire customer lifecycle as we move from stage to stage.

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Take Control of your IoT Connectivity

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