Broad Sky Unveils First-of-its-Kind CSD-WAN Service That Bolsters Performance by including 4G/5G Technologies

Broad Sky Networks is leading the market again; with the announcement today it is launching an SD-WAN solution that provides built-in 4G and 5G capability. Unlike other solutions in the marketplace that add 5G as an afterthought, the Broad Sky solution is purpose-built for its channel partners who need to offer customers 5G as it becomes more widely available.

“Our CSD-WAN™ service is a much-needed addition to our channel partners’ portfolio. Now they can offer businesses of any size the benefits of SD-WAN in a flexible and affordable solution that includes 4G/5G plans, licensing, and equipment built for wired and advanced wireless connectivity.”

Ron Ireland, President of Broad Sky Networks

CSD-WAN™ offers organizations of all sizes, in the public and private sectors, affordable access to agile, secure software-defined networking solutions. With built-in cellular data plans and access to Broad Sky’s multi-carrier solutions, organizations save time and money managing individual carrier contracts, sourcing the best carrier at each location, and having granular control and flexibility over the network.

Broad Sky’s solution gives organizations the flexibility to create solutions fine-tuned to their network performance requirements, including:

  • Unbreakable Internet. Mobile connectivity is seamless by leveraging a multi-carrier solution to automatically transfer connectivity to the strongest wireless carrier when vehicles or users transfer between temporary sites or move out of range.
  • WAN Smoothing benefits wireless-only connectivity such as work-from-home or heavy video conferencing usage. It fills in the gaps in the internet connection, smoothing latency and reducing bonding packet loss.
  • Bandwidth Bonding. All data – up to 13 multi-carrier, multi-technology connections – are bonded into a single connection for high availability and maximum bandwidth.
  • Traffic Steering gives network administrators granular control to steer internet traffic by configuring routers to use multiple interfaces to determine traffic path by connection type.
  • Centralized Control: Expand the wired and wireless WAN while maintaining granular visibility and control of the network.

More options include private hosting, forward error correction, bandwidth overflow, and bandwidth-on-demand.

“We are seeing great success in our first-phase rollout of CSD-WAN and increasing requests from partners to explore the service for their customers.”

Beau Barker, VP of Technology at Broad Sky. 

“We pride ourselves in putting tomorrow’s connectivity solutions in the hands of businesses today,” commented Beau Barker.

Broad Sky’s CSD-WAN solution will be showcased and available for demo at the upcoming Channel Partner Evolution event in Las Vegas from November 1-4, booth 1561.

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