Broad Sky launches Private LTE network

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Broad Sky Networks announced today it is launching a Private LTE network solution, leveraging CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Service, known as the “innovation band”), to meet growing enterprise demand for alternatives to inadequate public networks. Broad Sky’s Private LTE provides enterprises with reliable, secure connectivity at far less cost than having to build their own solution.

Broad Sky is exhibiting at the Channel Partners Conference and Expo, November 1-4, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, and welcomes the channel community to learn firsthand more details about its exciting Private LTE solution. Visit Broad Sky at Booth 1561.

“Our channel partners are hearing from their customers that they need a far more reliable, affordable LTE network than the public options available. To fulfill this need we are bringing our proven expertise to delivering a private LTE service that provides reliability, security, quality of service and an extensive reach due to our unmatched level of mobile operator network interconnections”

Ron Ireland, President of Broad Sky Networks.

Broad Sky Private LTE gives enterprises more power and consistency in running mission critical applications, providing coverage where public networks do not exist, and avoiding network congestion since the private network gives them complete and exclusive use of available capacity. Since security is a major concern, the Broad Sky private network enables enterprises to have complete control over who can be on the network and their level of authorized access.

Running on its own dedicated equipment, the Broad Sky solution avoids public traffic congestion, thus enabling better traffic control to ensure critical applications and tasks have the bandwidth they need.

Broad Sky Private LTE Benefits:

Broad Sky Private LTE provides wireless connectivity without the concern for data consumption and overage charges or extensive internal resources to develop and manage a private network. Broad Sky’s turnkey solution includes design, equipment, deployment, operations and 24/7 network support.

Broad Sky Private LTE Offers:

Security:  With a private LTE network, the infrastructure is privately owned and controlled, ensuring data is transmitted securely.

Quality of Service: Businesses control the framework and the QoS on all traffic specific to their applications.

Longer Range: LTE provides greater coverage when compared with Wi-Fi networks. Private LTE networks provide seamless handover of connectivity and can bridge the gap for areas that are under-served or out of the coverage areas of public LTE carriers.

Valuable Across Sectors:

Broad Sky Private LTE offers operational benefits across many sectors. It can connect all health care devices in a single, secure platform, across multiple locations. In manufacturing, the high-performance private network facilitates IoT, edge computing, autonomous forklifts, and artificial intelligence applications. In farming operations, it can connect multiple locations, field workers, and various points along the supply chain. The solution offers connectivity and reliability in multiple use cases where several sites need to be connected and communicate reliably:  mining operations, farming, retail point-of-sale and distribution logistics, entertainment festivals, school dormitories and sports events, and municipal public events.

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