Autonomous hands-free disinfection guided by AI + IoT,
protecting food chains and the spaces we pass through every day

Cleaner and Safer

Cleaner and safer food and rooms, using sustainable resources to destroy harmful microorganisms, then disappear without a trace

Autonomous AI

Autonomously delivering disinfecting air, safely and without human involvement, sanitizing every square inch of every room

Reliable Connectivity

Biosecurity demands strong IoT connectivity - omnipresent and reliable 4G-based for today's needs, and 5G for the future



We've brought the science of disinfection into the 21st century by combining AI, IoT, and powerful edge compute technology

Destroys bacteria, viruses, and fungi
Sanitizes hidden surfaces, crevices, and porous materials
Records delivered doses, adapts, and learns
Uses renewable resources: air and electricity
No run-off, harsh chemicals, and no environmental impact
Works even with HVAC vents open or closed

The AI-powered EPIC iO AURA is self-sufficient. It autonomously disinfects using FDA-approved ozone, based on continuous readings from environmental sensors. The AI delivers carefully-timed microdoses for maximum impact.

How it WORKS


Disinfecting air fills the room, destroying microbes on all surfaces, protecting rooms and food chains

Low and Slow

Low concentrations over long periods for high levels of germ destruction without risk to people, food, and property

AI + IoT

AI and IoT sense and control microdoses of pulsed disinfectant, learning and adapting to the environment, delivering full reports

Safe and Sustainable

No chemicals. No residue. No harm. Only uses renewable resources - air and electricity

Why Us?

  • Disinfect Every Square Inch, Every Time

    EPIC iO AURA runs completely autonomously, learning and adapting with each cycle, sanitizing every surface unlike time-pressured cleaning staff

  • Connected AI + IoT Intelligence

    We replace brute-force chemical disinfectants with the latest AI and IoT and powerful edge compute technology

  • Broad Spectrum Disinfection

    EPIC iO AURA creates precise levels of disinfecting air to destroy harmful microorganisms including, bacteria, viruses, and fungi

  • No Harsh Chemicals

    Our chemical-free method leaves no harmful impact on the environment, in fact the only residue is fresh oxygen