Benefits Of IoT Connectivity In Industrial Asset Tracking 

The use of IoT connectivity in manufacturing and industrial asset tracking is revolutionizing the way businesses keep track of their inventory and assets. By connecting physical assets to the internet, businesses can gain real-time visibility into the location and condition of their products and components, providing them with actionable insights that can improve efficiency and boost productivity.  

Below, explore the key technologies used in industrial asset tracking, the benefits of IoT connectivity in this application, and how to get started.  

Cut Costs, Improve Efficiency, & Optimize Production  

IoT connectivity offers significant advantages for industrial asset tracking over traditional methods, including the increased visibility of assets and access to real-time data. This wasn’t possible with older technologies, leading to many more errors in the storage, shipping, and stocking of products.  

Better visibility can help organizations to more effectively manage their assets and improve their utilization. For example, a company that manufactures restaurant equipment may use IoT asset tracking to monitor the location and status of its machines in real time. Then, the company can use the data collected by the asset tracking software to optimize production schedules, reduce downtime, and improve maintenance procedures to prevent future failures. 

Using IoT connectivity in industrial asset tracking also helps to cut costs associated with the manual labor needed for traditional asset tracking methods. For example, if a company uses RFID tags to track assets, it won’t need to hire workers to manually scan these tags. 

The Role Of IoT In Fleet Management 

IoT can also play a vital role in fleet management by providing current data on the location, status, and condition of vehicles and assets. This data enables fleet managers to have a better understanding of where their assets are at all times, helping teams to optimize routes and respond quickly to disruptions or emergencies.  

Having access to this comprehensive information also allows fleet managers to make more informed decisions about maintenance and repairs and how to best utilize the resources they have available. 

IoT In Cold Chain Monitoring  

IoT is also becoming increasingly popular in cold chain monitoring to help businesses track the temperature, location, and other conditions of perishable goods throughout the storage and delivery process. This helps to ensure that the goods remain fresh and safe for consumption by alerting managers of issues that could affect the quality of their products.  

By leveraging the power of IoT in cold chain monitoring, businesses can maximize product quality and extend shelf life, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and increased profitability. 

What To Look For In An IoT Connectivity Platform  

When choosing an IoT platform for industrial asset tracking, there are several key features to consider, including: 

  • Device management. The connectivity platform you select should provide a way to easily provision and configure devices so they can be quickly deployed into your industrial operations. 
  • Application enablement. The platform should also allow you to develop applications that interact with your devices and data to better manage your assets. 
  • Connectivity. You also want to make sure the software offers connectivity options that meet the needs of your operation, including support for various protocols. 
  • Data storage and analysis. Choose an IoT platform that allows you to store device data so it can be accessed and analyzed when needed, as well as tools for analyzing this data so you can glean insights that can improve your operations. 
  • User management. Look for a software option that includes robust user management options so you can control who has access to your data and applications. 
  • Security. The platform should also offer strong security features like data encryption and authentication that will help protect your information from unauthorized access. 
  • Scalability. As your operation grows, the platform should be able to scale along with it so you can continue using it without issue. Make sure you can scale back as well, in the event your company downsizes or streamlines operations.  

Why Choose EPIC iO As Your IoT Connectivity Provider? 

EPIC iO offers reliable and scalable network coverage designed to meet the needs of industrial customers. Our ultra-fast 5G LTE network is purpose-built for mission-critical applications and can be deployed quickly and easily to support your asset tracking needs. 

We also offer end-to-end security solutions to protect your data and assets from tampering or unauthorized access, including data encryption, user authentication, and device management.  

Book a demo today to learn more about how our industrial IoT connectivity platform works and how it can help your business succeed.