Access Solution

GateWatchTM Access Control Solution​s

Centralized, Autonomous Access Control​

Grant, edit, revoke and track all access points across all facilities, rural or urban, remotely.


The Next Level of Security: Intelligent Access Control​

Seamlessly integrate cutting edge-technology with security protocols offer unparallelled efficiency, adaptability, and proactive threat mitigation.

operational efficiency

Enhance safety of
people & property

Control any & all
access points remotely

Receive alerts
in real-time


Better Security Without the Price Tag

Control every access point without the need to keep them staffed. Track, record & deter if needed, even at the most remote locations.

Highly configurable security solutions​

Multiple camera configurations​

Better security-01

Remotely Manage Entry & Exits​

Centralizing control enhances efficiency, consistency and real-time visibility enabling quick time detection, response and resolution of issues. 

Efficient & cost-effective

Easily scales​

Better oversight​


Track Vehicle Data​

Control and record every vehicle entry & exit via license plate recognition.

Make, model, color & license plate

Timestamped footage​

Alert suspicious behaviors​


No Visitor Goes Unchecked​

Gate or door, urban or rural - monitor and control every person and every vehicle entry

Key pads​

Badge or card readers​

Mobile device entry​

Vehicle tags & toll sensors​

License plate recognition​

No visitor goes unchecked-01

Customer Quote

Before GateWatch, access to the entire property consisted of a simple dirt road over a cattle guard, bracketed on either side by a barbed wire fence with no existing gate to prevent the free flow of people and vehicles through this gap in the fence. With GateWatch's automated, pulley-driven gate, we now manage the flow of 35,000 vehicles per year. ~ A Fortune 1000 exploration and production company based in Texas

Next Level of Security in Action​

Integrated cameras, gate controllers and access systems to control every aspect of their security system in one place.​

Remote and onsite management

Centralize view

Historical audit trails

Temporary or Permanent Installations​

Different situations may require security levels & needs. EPIC iO offers a versatile tool kit to meet your specific needs.

Adaptive & responsive to evolving security needs​

Flexible, regulatory compliant solutions​

Quick to deploy for emergency response situations​

GateWatch™ Mobile & access
GateWatch™ Mobile & access

Unbreakable Connectivity: Ensuring Access Control Around the Clock​

Adapt to varying connectivity constraints, withstand power outages, & guarantee 24/7 access control with our multi-power solution.

  • Access Solution_Solar Power

    Line or solar powered

  • Access Solution_Satellite, cellular, lan, wifi

    Satellite, cellular,
    LAN or Wi-Fi connectivity

  • Access Solution_Multi carrer SIM

    Multi-carrier SIM

  • Access Solution_Solar provides 5day

    Solar provides 5-day
    battery backup

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