Once upon a digital time....

Epicio is an enthusiastic web design studio located in the bustling metropolis of Milford, Massachusetts. We promote web standards and bring energy, commitment, and Godly principles to our work every single day.

Over the past four years, we’ve had the great pleasure of working with some amazing organizations across the US, from New England all the way to Arizona. We’re extremely grateful for the opportunity to deliver design and development services as well as cloud hosting to clients around the US.

Everyday we strive to create long lasting relationships with our clients through strong communication and hard work. When we take on a new project, we throw ourselves in to it 120% and do our best to make an impact even before the project kicks off. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to start discussing the details of your next project for the web, print, or whatever you need!

So who are we really? Meet the Team.

Quang Nguyen

Quang Nguyen

head tech | co-founder

Quang handles most the IT stuff at Epicio Inc. While assisting with site designs / development, you will often find him slaying viruses or malware from infected PC’s or replacing broken iOS device internal hardware. During his free time, you might challenge him to a game of tetris (and he will probably beat you)

David Simpson

David Simpson

Interactive Designer | Partner

David is the Lead Interactive Designer at Epicio Inc. and is responsible for front-end design & prototyping. When he’s not working (which is never), you might find David exploring New England to see friends, writing code at Panera, or helping as an assistant Basketball Coach at Bethany Christian Academy.

Andre Stevens

Andre Stevens

Genius coder

Having first explored web development when he was 15, Dre is now an accomplished web developer. He enjoys eating PHP for breakfast, and spends most of his time making your designs come to life. When not working, he loves spending time with family & friends and a great cup of coffee.

The Word On The Street

“After several years and spending thousands with other designers we lost hope for a sharp site… Epicio gave us our hope back.”

Phil McCutchen

“When our family needed business needed new websites for our chain of restaurants we felt that Epicio was the right client to help us. They helped us with a simple site that met our needs and stayed within our budget!”

Jessie Yip

“I knew that we needed to do things different for our name in the email strategy market to stand out, Epicio not only helped us achieve our design goals but also moved us to their cloud hosting and we couldn’t be happier.”

Tom Anderson

“We are extremely pleased with our new website, our customers comment on how awesome it is. Also, when we need you, we appreciate how you are always ready to serve.”

Jim Keating

“Epicio listened to the vision of our church and translated that into an affordable website that matched.  After spending thousands of dollars over a five year period with other”

Mike Loconto

“I had dropped my iphone, smashed the screen and it would not work. Epicio fixed it like new in a short time and at a very reasonable price! I am extremely happy with the work they did and would go back again!”

Jim Dayon